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What do I want to achieve in figure skating and attending law school by the time I am enrolled in a J.D. program in two years? I want to:

  • Test through juvenile moves in the field and juvenile freeskate and skate up to intermediate, the lowest USFSA level that has both a freeskate and short program. LOLflyingspins, LOLmovesinthefield, LOLaxels, LOL@me in case I get audited by the UCs again (“First, he claimed he was VP of the AP Spanish club and now, he’s claiming he figure skates… Jeez”).
  • Skate a darn good freeskate and short program that looks good in a qualifying college competition and/or Intercollegiate Nationals.
  •  ^ do that and overcome the Negative Nancies, the Debbie Downers and other naysayers. ^
  • Look! A wild Letter(s) of Recommendation appeared.
  • Achieve a high LSAT score, write darn good personal statements and get into the best law schools I can get into.
  • Educate and be educated on the finer points of figure skating and getting into law school.

What are the goals for this blog? I want to:

  • Increase the amount of information out there on figure skating and law schools in case you don’t want to wade through the admissions literature or the 2012-2013 USFSA rulebook.
  • Learn more about figure skating and law schools and dispel some myths along the way.
  • Get people interested in figure skating, whether it means skating with people on the ice or getting excited for the 2014 Winter Olympics.
  • Be really obnoxious about how much I enjoy the San Francisco Giants (is it working?).

This is probably going to keep getting updated, to the point where thefigureskatinglawyer becomes interested in too many topics. Welp, cheerio. Happy First of August and Pay Rent day!


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