What’s on Tap?

August 6, 2012 § 1 Comment

Probably going to responsibly lay out some more basic things on figure skating first, including an interview with someone in the figure skating industry before I lay out some basic things on the law school side. It’s going to balance out the numerous Giants references and updates.

Subjects on tap/coming up (in no particular order):

  • Taking me and/or skating seriously
  • Different skates, different blades, different sharpening preferences
  • Skating music, the issue of having vocals and not having vocals
  • Mental toughness in skating
  • LSAT prep classes: Which one is right for you?
  • Law School: Do I need it?
  • Different types of law
  • How do I pay for law school?
  • Possible interviews: Legal studies/law school professor(s), a well-trusted person in the figure skating world
  • … and many more I haven’t thought about yet.

If this blog makes half as good of a transformation as this dashing high school senior…

… then, that’s goofy amounts of awesome. Anything more would be gravy. Yay, American idiomatic phrases!


By the way, the Giants claimed lefty reliever Jose Mijares from Kansas City Royals off waivers. Brian “Savvy” Sabean. Sorry, couldn’t resist.


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§ One Response to What’s on Tap?

  • Watsonism says:

    Can’t wait to see more of these articles! I’ll really enjoy giving some comments about law/law school related topics. The LSAT and law school applications are a very strange endeavour. Keep up the blogging!

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