Mental Toughness Preview

August 12, 2012 § Leave a comment

I have been up since 5:45 AM on 8/11. I attended the parent and skater portions of Choeleen Loundagin’s Mental Toughness for Figure Skaters seminar at Oakland Ice before taking BART back to work my way through a proctored Diagnostic Test 2 in San Francisco. When I have the motivation to put this all together, there will be a comprehensive parent/skater perspective on how skaters can up their mental toughness and how parents can help. In the meantime, imagine our nation’s entire collection of sports pundits, including Stephen A. Smith, Skip Bayless and Bob Costas in one collective uproar if something like this happened…

… what, this actually happened? She fell? Wait, there was already an uproar over this? You can fall in figure skating?

Instead of working on a post that goes to describe the time and energy wasted to find out what your competitor actually means and end it with a …


it is better to have a post that encourages you to focus on things you can control. Rather than think about the goal, “I am not going to fall. I am not going to fall,” (you are going to think about falling) think about landing your jumps with conviction, with impressive checkouts. Use positive imagery to in your mind to imagine a great routine. Practice picturing in your head a good routine and actually skating a good routine everyday and you will eventually have the confidence in yourself to skate a good routine.



It was my pleasure to hang out with Maria Kristina Guillen. We were chilling like villains in the Inner Sunset, Golden Gate Park and Union Square. The N-Judah did not go all the way to Golden Gate Park, stopping at Arguello and Carl for most of the afternoon. The 28 did not service riders of L-Taraval up and down 19th Avenue. LOLus.

… and I am going to consume a lot of calories. BYAH!

Despite that, MKG and I walked and talked our way from Taraval and 19th to Irving and 22nd, earning ourselves one of these:

Wonderful Foods, Wonderful Calories

We walked along Golden Gate Park, away from Outside Lands towards this cool place:

Fountain outside Academy of Sciences, you are crazy beautiful.

Then, we had to enjoy dinner early or else we’d have to wait like my friends out here:

My, sure looks like a long wait.

Luckily we got a table and practiced what I learned about mental toughness. Not, “I can’t finish this.” More like, “I totally can finish a plate of this”:

Sweet, spicy, garlicky, finger-licking goodness. BYAH!

MKG and I caught the N-inbound to head back downtown and enjoy one of these:

“You can finish this!”

McKayla is not impressed with my diet. MKG and I will agree that this was a great day anyway.



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