Dodgers Claim Everyone Like It’s Nobody’s Business, Skating Costs $$

August 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

Barry Zito! Barry Zito? Barry Zito!

Barry Zito topped off all the good feelings heading into this past weekend by pitching into the 8th inning on 8/23 vs. the Braves. He threw things in and out of the strike zone. He threw his curveball with maximum efficiency. Barry Zito, staff ace.

Big things have small beginnings.

The Giants sweep the Dodgers in Chavez Ravine before splitting the four game series against the Atlanta Braves. Despite losing the second half of the series in Chipper Jones’ final time playing in San Francisco, I’m going to have to agree with Nigel Thornberry here. This 5-2 stretch while mourning the loss of spilled Melk?

“Oh my,” said the Dodgers.

Thanks, Nigel. But it’s important to note that the Dodgers did not stand pat after they got swept. GM Ned Colletti needs to win now because his job is on the line. The new owners, including Magic Johnson have been publicly saying that they want to win right now. So… fiscal responsibility, luxury tax and logic be damned, they are going to acquire everyone.

Yo, Adrian

At first, I was fine with the Giants holding a tenuous lead over the Dodgers in the NL West standings. I was fine with former Giants assistant GM Colletti taking on 260 million dollars in contracts, making Los Angeles much less financially flexible in the future. Now, the lead is seismically unsafe and oh crap, Adrian Gonzalez.

Los Angeles received from Boston 1B Adrian “Not James Loney” Gonzalez, SP Josh Beckett, OF Carl Crawford and everyone’s favorite player…. IF Nick Punto, plus 11 million dollars. The Red Sox receive 1B James Loney, P Rubby De La Rosa, OF Jerry Sands and minor leaguers Ivan De Jesus and Allen Webster. Adrian Gonzalez, no longer bound by the chains of Petco Park and surrounded by the dysfunctional surroundings in the Boston clubhouse. Adrian Gonzalez has a chance to salvage the season offensively. His home run totals are down but the Dodgers simply need him to smash baseballs for extra base hits and BEAT SF. If Josh Beckett can win a few games down the stretch in September and exude playoff grittiness he displayed with Boston, then awesome. Carl Crawford, get well soon. Nick Punto… he is kinda like the glass of ice water you order with the In-n-Out double-double, well done fries to make it a slightly healthier meal. You go, Nick Punto.

The new ownership will outspend just about everyone whenever they want. Clayton Kershaw wants what Matt Cain is getting? Here you go. Josh Hamilton wants to take his talents to Hollywood even if there’s Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier? Roll out the red carpet. They want to get an actual third baseman so Hanley Ramirez no longer has to be an imposter at third base? More power to them. The Dodgers are now the Yankees out West. Accounting for all the new salaries added, the Dodgers’ have 183.45 million dollars committed to 19 players, 5 million dollars over the 178 million dollar luxury tax threshold. That does not including the six other salaries needed to round out the 25-man roster. For now though, every single pundit guaranteed the NL West will be won by the Dodgers. The Giants are doomed. Or are they?

Dodgers winning the NL West? She’s shooting that idea down.


Slightly off-topic: Petaluma National Little Leaguers are the third-best team in the world. The little mashers from the 707 represented the Bay Area well in the Little League World Series.


Speaking of money and things that cost a lot of money, figure skating.

Looking for jobs, right to left.

I am not Ned Colletti and my parents are not named Stan Kasten or Magic Johnson. What would you ever need to pay for in order to get invested in figure skating?

  • Ice time, unless you or family/friend(s) work at the ice rink: $7 if you have your own skates for public sessions, $13 freestyle
  • Ice skates, not the rental kind and not the beginner pairs of Riedells: $200+ intermediate level skates
  • Skate guards/Skate covers: 20/pair
  • Ice skate sharpening at Sharpening Solutions, not at your local pro shop: $25
  • Skating school, group lessons: N/A
  • Private lessons: lowest I’ve seen is $60
  • USFSA adult registration: $100
  • Competition entry: $50/entry
  • BART tickets and/or the gas used to drive the car to take said skater to skate lesson on time: Still rising
  • The food required to give the skater necessary nutrients: Time + $
  • The skating shirts and dresses and flexible slacks that won’t rip when doing flying spins and spirals: Hella $$
  • The emotional support
  • Total: Even more $

No Money, More Problems

It is a cost-prohibitive sport that not everyone has the privilege to have access to. That very notion of privilege keeps me grounded in a sport that makes me happy. I find peace when I am on the ice.


P.S.: Still freaking out about Los Doyers? Keep calm.


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