Giants, Premature Magic Numbers, Golden Bear Skate Directions

September 13, 2012 § Leave a comment

The Giants leave Denver and head to Phoenix for a three-game set with the Diamondbacks, before heading back to San Francisco for their final homestand of the season. After, they end the season on the road, where magic numbers will probably seem relevant.

Prior to the Los Angeles Dodgers’ contest against the St. Louis Cardinals tonight, the Giants and Dodgers each have 19 games left on their schedule. When magic numbers (the remaining combined number of the division leader’s wins and the trailing team’s losses before the leader clinches) are still in the double-digits, it’s too early to set up a date for champagne showers, let alone buy the champagne for when the Giants win the division. Don’t underestimate Adrian Gonzalez, Hanley “Goggles” Ramirez and Nick Punto just yet. Unless the magic number’s less than or equal to 10, you’re better off making like Rickie Weeks and swinging at this pitch.

Sergio Romo’s slider (<3) jusssssssssst a bit outside.

I could stare at that .gif all day.


In other news, if you missed yesterday’s post on the Golden Bears’ competition this Saturday, go here.

But whether you don’t have a bus pass, whether you have a hard time scrounging up two dollars and ten cents (AC Transit) or one dollar and seventy five cents (BART), just find a way to overcome the excuses (“oh, Zach Maynard looks productive today”, “I don’t know where the ice rink is even though you provided the address”, “I have homework I’m not going to work on”, “it’s so farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr”) and go to the competition.

By bus

If you decide to make use of your Fall 2012 bus pass, take the 1-Telegraph because the 1R does not go all the way to Berkeley on weekends. Catch the 1 anywhere from Dwight and Telegraph, Haste and Dana or Durant and Dana and take it to Thomas L. Berkley Way, when the 1 turns off Telegraph. Walk from that stop back to Telegraph and towards 18th Street. The main entrance of the ice rink should be on your left.


If taking the bus is a hassle, take BART, where you can take any line, Pittsburg/SFO, Fremont or San Francisco/Daly City/Millbrae to 19th Street/Oakland. If you exit from the station from the 17th Street/Telegraph side entrance, take a right to Telegraph and cross the street when you reach the 18th Street/Telegraph intersection. This will take you to the main entrance of the rink on your left.

By car

If you’re risk averse, take Telegraph on down to 16th or 17th streets because you can’t turn onto 18th Street from Telegraph against traffic. Look for parking around those streets and as always, read the parking signs before parking and feed the meter. Otherwise, that parking ticket will make watching this figure skating competition is going to be a really expensive treat.


P.S.: Need your caffeine? Nearest Starbucks is on 8th Street and Broadway.


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