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October 21, 2012 § Leave a comment

2013 Central Pacific Regionals


In the tab “senior ladies,” your Cal Golden Bear Laney Diggs completed her short program and is getting ready heading into tomorrow’s free skate. Best of luck to her at 4265 feet above sea level in Murray, UT.

Breathing up there sucks. Double axels travel farther though.

December LSATs

When you’re uncertain about two logical reasoning sections and the reading comprehension section, but you know for sure you messed up on two games in the logic games section, I think there’s valid concern over how high your score will be. You only have up to six days after the test to declare your intentions to LSAC to cancel the score. In the event you cancel your score though, you never find out how high or low you score. So I have come to terms that the score from the October LSAT I recently took. It won’t be enough to overcome a low GPA. At this point, the October LSAT will serve as a learning experience. I have over one month left to study for the December 1st LSAT.

I have taken a month off of skating in order to study for the LSATs. I’m getting back on the ice soon. It’s going to be weird.

San Francisco Giants

Barry Zito, staff ace.

For the second straight postseason series, the Giants must win the last three games of the series to advance.

Barry Zito took care of business in Game 5 though, keeping the Cardinals’ offense off-balance for 7 2/3 innings and providing some offense of his own, laying down a push bunt with David Freese playing way back off the 3rd base bag and beating out the throw. However, the bunt RBI single doesn’t happen if Gregor Blanco is correctly called out on a pick-off throw. The bunt RBI single doesn’t happen if Lance Lynn throws a Hunter Pence comebacker to 2B Daniel Descalso, not second base itself. Finally, the bunt single doesn’t happen if Brandon Crawford doesn’t come through in the clutch with an RBI single of his own.

How about all those defensive plays?

Missing a catch earlier in the game that would allow a Cardinal to get a leadoff double, Hunter Pence does not let another fly ball get past him this time.

Dat catch.

Dat concentration.

Those eyes.

A closer look at those eyes.

A lot of things clicked in Game 5 in order to bring back the series to San Francisco. Let’s kick ass in NLCS Game 6. Starter Ryan Vogelsong will take the mound.



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