Switch-Hit: G7, First Time Skating In a Month

October 23, 2012 § 2 Comments


I stopped by Mijita before heading to NLCS Game 7 at AT&T Park. I stopped by Mijita, drenched from the ninth inning rain after NLCS Game 7. Thanks to my friend Patrick for allowing me to see not only Game 7, but many other games over the course of the 2012 season. It was a great night, one punctuated by celebration with 43,000 other attendees. The higher powers choose Marco Scutaro, the little man who speaks softly but carries a big stick as NLCS MVP.

Unfortunately, Ryan Theriot’s buddy Lil’ Wayne did not lead the singing of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.” Oh well.

Marco Scutaro, whispering sweet nothings in Erin Andrew’s mic.


Today is the first day I have skated in over a month. I’m not a big shot who had his momentum derailed by injury or a lack of passion. I had to set skating aside as I worked towards getting a decent LSAT score.

The agenda for this practice with my coach? Just remember everything I learned earlier in this year to pass my USFSA pre-preliminary moves and free skate tests. These two tests are like first and second grade of elementary school after you’ve learned how to count to ten, learned how to skate forwards and backwards. Adding and subtracting single-digit numbers. Stringing words together to form a sentence. Adding and subtracting speed stroking around the ice and pumping out at least four crossovers at each end of the ice. Stringing together inside and outside, forward and backward edges, spirals with each leg and waltz eight patterns.

What about the free skate? Waltz jump, salchow, toe loop, half flip, half lutz, one-foot spin.

I didn’t lose much of my jumps or my edges. My one-foot spin came around for a few moments. My legs are sore. Gotta foam roll it out and work on some plyometrics to strengthen my legs and ankles. These techniques however have to be mistake-free, bobble-free in order for these test judges to pass me and let me move up to third grade of figure skating. Second attempt at the LSAT is on December 1st. Pre-pre tests are in the middle of December at Dublin Iceland.

Am I figure skating correctly?

LSAT, skating, World Series. Have mercy!



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§ 2 Responses to Switch-Hit: G7, First Time Skating In a Month

  • jackcurtis says:

    While skating, each new thing was and remained impossible to ever accomplish until, after far too many attempts, one day it was just part of the growing (slowly) inventory of accomplishments. And never for a moment came an opportunity to forget how hard ice can be.

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