BREAKING: SFGiants Win World Series

November 2, 2012 § 2 Comments

Ridiculously late post on the Giants winning the World Series. The post comes on the heels of contact highs and public transportation lows during the second championship parade in three years. Haters cannot wait to fill up Giants fans’ goblets with haterade.

Doesn’t matter, had Dave Flemming and Jon Miller.

By now, all the tropes have been discussed.

San Francisco is a weird baseball town. MUNI buses have been destroyed. Mijita serves good drinks. San Francisco serves more than hot dogs and old car tires, which is apparently bad. San Francisco doesn’t hit home runs. If Kate Upton doesn’t have a chance, surely the San Francisco Giants do not have a chance vs. Justin Verlander. Justin “100 mph fastball” Verlander. Justin “property of Pablo Sandoval” Verlander. Really misguided predictions. Giants are lucky. Giants aren’t lucky, Giants hit smart (from a guy who dissed San Jose State while discussing Penn State). Barry Zito. Tim Lincecum, out of the bullpen. MUNI buses and new open doors.

You know the story though, or at least I think you do. Pablo Sandoval, Justin Verlander. Man vs. Bear. I’ll take Bear. Defense from native son, Brandon Crawford. Hunter “Ridiculous” Pence. Greg White and LF defense. Barry Zito, staff ace. Buster Posey, NLDS MVP. Who has it better than the San Francisco Giants? Not Melky. Ryan Vogelsong. Matthew Thomas Cain. Sergio Romo.

Wait, where’s Romo?

But perhaps the funniest thing I’ve read about the World Series that I’m afraid no one else has read? Grant Brisbee’s World Series prediction. The man who runs the Giants blog on MLB SBNation runs out a prediction contrary to everyone else’s (link works now).


No Game 5, no Aretha Franklin singing in Game 5, no Game 6, no Game 7, no Jose Valverde (LOL), no second Justin Verlander start. No sense of normalcy that would determine that the San Francisco Giants are unfit to be world champions. After a four game sweep of the Detroit Tigers, a shutdown of Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder (a combined 4-for-27 with 8 K’s, 2 GIDP) and ample amount of Joe Buck and Tim McCarver, people still disagree that the Giants are the best team in the league.

But you know what? That’s alright. Their words won’t change the fact that Hunter Pence is a really crazy dude. Won’t change the fact that Tony Bennett can sing a mean song about San Francisco. Won’t change the fact that Barry Zito cooks a mean avocado omelet. Won’t change the fact that Mike Murphy makes one hell of a clubhouse manager. Won’t change the fact that Jaymee Sire has a really great job. Won’t change the fact that Marco Scutaro slaps. so. hard. Finally, won’t change the fact that their team, Detroit et al. did not win the championship. The San Francisco Giants did.

Best use of sunflower seeds. Ed Lee, might want to sweep that up.


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§ 2 Responses to BREAKING: SFGiants Win World Series

  • jackcurtis says:

    Pro “sports” are a lot like politics, seems to me. Too much money corrupting everything while the public averts its eyes while it gets what it wants. Then it’s SHOCKED when facts slip out from time to time. Couldn’t have something to say about our species, could it?

  • […] I am grateful to see not one but two World Series champion teams in my lifetime. Whether you need to insult how everyone who followed the team after 1954, when the Giants moved to San Francisco are bandwagon fans, how the Castro makes up all 49 square miles of San Francisco or how bandwagon fans are worse than bandwagon fans everywhere else, you have to admit that that Atlanta, Cincinnati, St. Louis and Detroit picked the darndest, weirdest times to stop hitting. Justin Verlander, Mat Latos, Kyle Lohse, Lance Lynn picked the worst times to stop pitching well. But really, it might not have mattered. It might not have mattered when Reverend Hunter Pence is delivering speeches, or when his teammates get the imitation dead-on. […]

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