Quick Hits: Dr. Ken Jeong, Sectionals, December LSAT

November 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

Cal loses to Oregon. The Warriors lose in 2OT to rebounding man-child Kenneth Faried (18 points, 17 rebounds) and the Denver Nuggets. Whomp whomp.

Walking In On Someone Changing

Just to elaborate upon “The Sanctity of Figure Skating Pt. 4,” surely you’ve walked in on someone whose in the midst of changing their clothes or rocking out with their reproductive organs hanging out at your local 24 Hour Fitness. Or if you don’t use your gym membership much, maybe a couple waited a long time to take a vacation somewhere and you disrupted their photo.

Oh yes, oh yes, uh huh. Right there? Pretty upsetting.

The gym locker room inhabitants either let everything slide or freaks out. The figure skating locker room? It’s likely people will still freak out from such an invasion of privacy though. Along with Sterling Archer’s house rules, a “knock before you walk in on something” rule would probably keep the intercollegiate figure skating peace.



Your California Golden Bears and junior skaters Matej Silecky and Jay Yostanto performed their short programs earlier today. They culminate their Eastern Sectionals experience with their long programs tomorrow in Hyannis Port, Barnstable, MA. Good luck to these freshmen at 23 feet above sea level. Top four finishers advance to Junior Nationals.

Meanwhile, senior skater Laney Diggs goes up against 12 other skaters as she vies for a spot in the 2013 US Figure Skating Championships. She’ll skate her short program second after Sophia Adams of All-Year FSC in the senior ladies group at Pacific Coast Sectionals. Good luck to her Monday afternoon at 4551 feet above sea level in nearby Provo, UT.

Other notable skaters partaking in Pacific Coast Sectionals are UCLA junior skaters Evan Bender and Joey Millet, as well as juvenile skater Dinh Tran of Skating Club San Francisco. Yeah buddy.

Get it straight, Neil. Multiple badasses.

Update: In Hyannis Port, MA, Jay Yostanto finished first overall in the junior men’s event, earning him a spot to 2013 Junior Nationals, while Matej Silecky withdrew from the competition after the short program. In Provo, UT, Laney Diggs finished 5th overall of 13 skaters in the senior ladies event at Pacific Coast Sectionals.

Dinh Tran of Skating Club of San Francisco finished 3rd overall of 12 skaters in the Juvenile boys event at Pacific Coast Sectionals.

Pacific Coast Sectionals’ IJS protocols can be found here. Eastern Sectionals’ IJS protocols can be found here.


December LSAT

December 1st is getting awfully close. Crap.



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