Being Grateful For Things One Day Out of 365

November 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

I have no doubt that we are grateful for friends, family and other things year-round. We do, however have a natural tendency to tell it to the whole wide world on Thanksgiving, one day out of the whole year. It’s either something really special that we say once every year or we really are just grateful for things one day out of the entire year. Anyway, I might as announce what I’m grateful for as well.

Friends and Family

Be it the friends and family who are still in Northern California, the ones who moved back to Southern California, the ones who moved out of state or are temporarily out of the country, I am grateful that my friends and family are healthy and doing well across the Golden State, Texas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, British Columbia, Wisconsin, New Jersey, New York and the nation’s capital. May the rest of this year and the next be full of health and prosperity.

Will the rest of this year and next year be great? Matt Cain bobbles, “Yes.”

House is still standing

Grateful that I have a warm place to sleep at night. If you take a look at the corner of Ulloa and West Portal, you may be in for a shock.

Oh, crap. Mixed things up there but… THE RICKTATORSHIP RAGES ON.

A fire broke out at the wine shop close to West Portal Station. The four-alrm fire subsequently consumed Squat & Gobble (kinda like Crepevine) and damaged the building next to Squat & Gobble. The wine shop and Squat & Gobble have since been demolished, leaving an empty plot of land, similar to what you might pass by around what used to be Gabrielle’s Pizza, Raleigh’s and Cafe Intermezzo (which currently shares the building with Pappy’s if you’re looking for a salad to eat). The Chronicle and SF Examiner give details on the October fire, the damaged building, the temporary shutdown of West Portal Station, etc.

My figure skates haven’t been stolen

My Jackson Freestyles with stock Jackson Ultima Mirage beginner blades cost about $270, before any sharpening, maintenance or any accessory purchases. The boots have enough padding to provide the ankle support needed to get a skater to fully learn basic single jumps, spins and footwork. As you get better, you need to buy better skates with better blades (larger toepick, big rockers, other features that make it possible to do all the triple axels).

But imagine custom skates with ridiculously good blades and the time and money it costs to fit, wait and finally acquire the skates. Imagine being able to do double axels, double-double combos (not the burger, two two-revolution jumps in a row), flying change-of-foot spins and fancy footwork. Now, imagine these custom skates with ridiculously good blades costing you $1800.



Kayla Harrison of Royal Glenora Figure Skating Club finished 5th at last year’s Alberta-NWT/Nunavut Sectionals. She recently got her car broken into and lost three bags, one of which carried her $1800 skates that she’s had for a week. With some help, she was able to recover her skating bag and her music. Unfortunately, she was only able to get back one skate. Harrison had to downgrade a few elements in her short program and free skate, relying on an old pair of skates to get her through this entire ordeal. Harrison gamely skated through this year’s sectionals in Edmonton and finished 10th overall of 14 skaters [ISJ protocols for SP (9th) and FS (11th)]. It goes to show how valuable skates with broken-in leather (no pun intended and skates that no longer cause blisters) are. Keep an eye on your skates at all times and make sure if you do have to leave it with someone that you trust them.

The San Francisco Giants

I am grateful to see not one but two World Series champion teams in my lifetime. Whether you need to insult how everyone who followed the team after 1954, when the Giants moved to San Francisco are bandwagon fans, how the Castro makes up all 49 square miles of San Francisco or how bandwagon fans are worse than bandwagon fans everywhere else, you have to admit that that Atlanta, Cincinnati, St. Louis and Detroit picked the darndest, weirdest times to stop hitting. Justin Verlander, Mat Latos, Kyle Lohse, Lance Lynn picked the worst times to stop pitching well. But really, it might not have mattered. It might not have mattered when Reverend Hunter Pence is delivering speeches, or when his teammates get the imitation dead-on.

Hold on, I need to get into character.

I love you guys.

Gosh darn it, Barry Zito. Focus.

Matt Cain has it going on.

Because that speech brought the best out of the team, the championship title and a really cool parade that ended at City Hall. Thank you also to McCovey Chronicles, where the community shares my love and cynicism for the Giants, Brandon Belt, BABIP and pie.


Looking forward to getting past the December LSAT and the end of the year. Gosh, can’t wait for the Giants to report for spring training.



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