Holiday Calories-Filled Calories with Calorie-coated Filling

December 17, 2012 § Leave a comment

I recently turned 22, so my coach will probably forgive me in case I avoid healthy food, right?

Salads, bane of my existence.

Salads, bane of my existence.

I am a 170 lb (~77.1 kg) adult figure skater. I know that when I lose a few pounds, I can tell when the timing in my jumps (I usually don’t jump that far), spins (I usually don’t spin that fast) and footwork (LOL) are off. I’m a horizontally big person and I am used to skating horizontally big. I’ll probably keep it down to a little over 160 (~72.6 kg) when I get serious about my eating habits and a cardio/off-ice regimen and at that point, train to the point where skating at that weight is second-nature. Serious about eating habits mean keeping the red meats to a minimum, lowering the amounts of bacon, ice cream, sour cream, potatoes, fried potatoes and a variety of foods, holiday or not consumed.

Not impressed with your diet, brah.

Not impressed with your diet, brah.

But I have to brace myself as the holidays near, for the holiday foods are coming. With that comes family gatherings and reuniting with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins I have not seen in awhile. With some cultures, salutations are not “Hello” but “You’ve gotten bigger” filled with well-intent, which is ironic when often times, those cultures can’t separate their celebrations from feasts of deliciousness. It may be difficult to keep to a strict diet of lean protein, cruciferous vegetables and sugarless hydration when relatives insist that I get another plate of food, lest I want to asked, “Why are you eating so little?”

But this is winter recess for the kids and a time of celebration for the family, a time when family members celebrate the company of each other and a happy new year. Not everybody has the privilege of seeing another day, let alone another year. What does one do when their dieting regimen comes under heavy fire, from grandma who only wishes to make sure you’re not starving, from older relatives who wish they still had 4G LTE metabolism just like me, from younger cousins who say before they think?


Darndest things like “You used to be so skinny” and “DID WE GET THE FREE TACOS?”

Thick Skin, Equip It

Grandma and grandpa mean well. They say hello a little bit differently, a little tougher, a little grittier. Take their salutations with a grain of salt, say hello back to the grittier veterans of life and resume conversation. Grandma and grandpa just don’t want to see you starving.

Eat Now, Feel Guilty Later

I laugh right now because I know I have not followed any diet other than the see-food, eat-it diet. But if you follow a healthy diet pretty strictly, let this be like an extended cheat 48/72/96 hours and not worry about the fat/sodium/carbohydrate content of these dishes and desserts. You can afford an opportunity to just eat without having to count calories. You don’t even need to wait until the first of January to make promises meant to be broken. Just keep a mental note in my to kick the calories in the a** when you work out again. If someone asks you about food, politely let them know if you’ve had enough. Getting mad doesn’t do anybody any favors.

McKayla Maroney may not be impressed. Barack Obama may not be impressed.

C'mon, man.

C’mon, man.

But whatever. Enjoy the food. Enjoy the company. That next off-ice is going to suck.



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