UC Hastings: Legal Education Opportunity Program (LEOP)

December 23, 2012 § 1 Comment

University of California, Hastings College of Law, located in the gritty, veteran heart of San Francisco.

Nope, it is not University of California, Berkeley’s law school (that’s what Boalt Hall or University of California, Berkeley School of Law is for). Kinda like how University of California, San Francisco is not the medical school of UC Berkeley either. If you have faced significant adversity in your journey towards realizing your passion for law school and the law, then LEOP (as well as their program website) may help you address such issues that may not be fully recognized by numeric indicators such as grade point averages and LSAT scores.

Created in 1969, LEOP  makes a top-tier legal education accessible to those who come from significantly adverse backgrounds. According to the site, the types of adversity may range from but are not limited to economic or educational, expectations of achievement to geographic/cultural and linguistic spanning multiple generations, disability or exposure to bias.

Making up a fifth of each entering class, LEOP students are taking the same courses as the rest of their peers but also include an academic support program that spans the entire duration of their stay at Hastings. The academic support program includes:

  • Small, weekly study groups
  • Saturday practice exams
  • Academic workshops
  • Programs for 2nd and 3rd year LEOP students
  • Supplemental bar review course

The nine questions of the supplemental application are provided here. In addition to the supplemental application, it’s encouraged that LEOP applicants write a second personal statement that identifies and describes challenges and their impacts on academics, and also how the applicants overcome such challenges.

Have any questions about LEOP? Don’t hesitate to e-mail leop@uchastings.edu in order to get more details than what you see from the two sites. From one prospective applicant to another, best of luck on all stages of law school applications.


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