Merry Christmas, From Me to You

December 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

Whether or not you celebrate Christmas or Boxing Day, most restaurants will probably be closed on 12/25.

Cold-blooded, man.

Cold-blooded, man.

However, I wish you the best of luck when holiday skating alone or with others. I wish you the best of luck in finding something to eat if you do eat out.  I hope you’re busy handing out holiday gifts, not busy still shopping for them. I hope you’re helping those in times of need, although I hope your generosity shows up on more days than one. Whether or not you’re counting calories on a daily basis, say hello to the grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins and just tear the holiday food up.

May come in handy when you tear up the bathroom as well.

May be handy when you also tear up the bathroom.

New Year’s resolutions? You mean the ones you end up breaking and forgetting about sometime before the year ends? Congratulations to you if you don’t break your resolutions, but set some goals and set a deadline to meet those goals. Write them out and place them somewhere that you’ll see everyday so these goals become ingrained in your mind and your routine. Maybe it will spur you to follow through on your goals with a concerted effort, or maybe not.

Enjoy a fun, safe last week of 2012. It was unexpected as hell… but it’s here.

Enjoy the last bits of 2012 and ride the San Francisco MUNI cable car for free on 12/31 after 8:00 PM if you don’t have anything to do.


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