Quick Hits: Friday Edition

January 11, 2013 § Leave a comment

Pioneer Open Preview Pt. 2

Cal has the final tune-up and two more months to figure out their optimal high and intermediate team maneuver line-ups. Team maneuver warm-ups consist of two minutes, stroking and skating around early (crossovers are fine). Each skater for their respective teams in each of the six elements receive a minute warm-up to practice the element before having one chance to perform the element. Each skater is limited to performing two of the six elements. If one skater performs more than two elements for their team, those extra elements are not scored. No wonder why this part of collegiate skating is tough to describe to people who don’t do collegiate skating.

Six elements required at each level.

Six elements required at each level.

Ice dancers Sean Sunyoto, Gina DeNatale, Samira Damavandi and Teressa Vellrath will skate the third dance according to their respective ice dancing levels. Hopefully, they don’t require skaters to do the optional dance.


Successful performances at the Pioneer Open will guarantee the Golden Bears a spot at Intercollegiate Championships. Hanover, New Hampshire. A shot at the defending champions, Dartmouth Figure Skating Club. A shot at Delaware FSC and Boston U. I hear they offer even bigger trophies for first, second and third.

Cape Air sounds pretty comfortable.

Bigger trophies are always cool.

Candlestick Park Fun

Justin Smith is expected to play in the divisional round game against the Packers. He has had two weeks to recover from a torn tricep muscle but looks to recapture his All-Pro form to contain Aaron Rodgers. Otherwise, Aldon Smith will have a tough time getting penetration into the backfield. Where has tight end Vernon Davis gone, though? He actually hasn’t gone anywhere but his production has dropped off since Week 10. Is it because coach Jim Harbaugh switched quarterbacks? He’s got six catches for 61 yards since getting no catches in Week 12 against New Orleans. Meanwhile, Delanie Walker has had 13 catches for 246 yards and two touchdowns in the same period of time.


ESPN NFC West blogger Mike Sando, with the assist from ESPN Stats & Info does some great analysis on the disparity in tight end production here. Maybe Vernon Davis has just cooled off from his quick start to the season. I don’t entirely know either why he hasn’t figured prominently in the offense, but in any event, with a depleted wide receiving corps after Michael Crabtree and Randy Moss, Walker and Davis will have a prominent role in the offense. Whether that involves pass-catching or blocking for running backs Frank Gore and LaMichael James remains to be seen.

In any event, you can imagine PG&E getting their act together and making sure the lights don’t go out again. Ed Lee’s got another championship parade to attend.

With special guest, Eugenio Velez.

With special guest, Eugenio Velez.

Pants Advisory

In case you ride BART into San Francisco on Sunday, 1/13 and you have no clue why people aren’t wearing any pants… well, I’m sorry.

Get that MRSA all up in those briefs.

Get that MRSA all up in those briefs.



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