Kina Grannis in San Francisco

February 2, 2013 § 4 Comments

Belated congratulations to senior Laney Diggs (St. Moritz FSC), junior Jay Yostanto (SC of New York), juvenile Dinh Tran (SC of San Francisco) and junior pairs skater James Morgan (SC of Boston) on their appearances at the 2013 Prudential US Figure Skating Championships. Good luck to you skaters as you train for your future competitions.

I haven’t updated the blog in two weeks since Nationals/European Championships and there is a lot of information to write about, ranging from the American skating progress at the world stage, its rivals out in Europe and Asia, and American skating at the collegiate level. There are more basic topics to go over, like the anatomy of a figure skate, the jumps other than a triple axel, perseverance through frustration in the sport, and what to do at an ice rink, all before the 2014 Winter Olympics rolls through Sochi, Russia.

Beyond the realm of figure skating, there are law school topics to discuss, from other overlooked aspects of the LSAT to drowning in acceptance letters, from finding out how to arrange visits to doing research about the law school (so… you’re saying some law schools aren’t even in the same city as the undergraduate campuses?). More in a bit on law schools.


In the meantime, Kina Grannis will perform at Verizon’s Lunar New Year Celebration in San Francisco’s Union Square on Saturday, 2/2. According to her twitter account, she will perform around 4:30 pm. The event begins at noon, ends at 6:00 pm, and admission is free for everyone of all ages.

I’ve enjoyed Kina Grannis singing live during the SF stops of her World In Front of Me and In Your Arms tours, promoting her fourth album, Stairwells. Winning the Doritos: Crash the Super Bowl contest and earning a record deal with Interscope Records, she has since left Interscope, became an independent artist, and appeared and performed her singles “Valentine” and “In Your Arms” on Good Day LA and the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

You may know her through her TV appearances or through Wong Fu Productions, where “Cambridge” and Paul Dateh’s remix of “Stars Falling Down” respectively features prominently on “Strangers, Again” and “When It Counts.” You may know her through her music videos for “Valentine” and “In Your Arms,” the latter a stop-motion video that was produced using 288,000 jellybeans and took two years to make. You may know her way back when nobody else knew who Kina Grannis was, not even her family.

If you don’t know Kina Grannis though and you’re near downtown San Francisco, give her indie/pop music a try. She’s definitely worth a listen.

Slap me if I'm wrong.

Slap me if I’m wrong.


I’ll be making a trip out to the Washington D.C. area to visit a good friend and visit George Washington Law, Georgetown Law, and University of Maryland Law (maybe) next weekend. I’m looking forward to hanging out in D.C. with my friend and checking out law schools by Foggy Bottom.





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§ 4 Responses to Kina Grannis in San Francisco

  • jmmbo288 says:

    Thanks for the shout out! Nationals was a great experience. Excited about Boston in 2014

  • Jack Curtis says:

    It must be extremely difficult to achieve prominence in any aspect of pop music now that so many other elements compete with whatever vocal abilities a singer brings…

    Seems to me, some law schools turn out a lot of politicians, others produce law professors, , corporate lawyers come from others and a few aren’t famous for anything in particular, graduating workaday attorneys. And of course, there’s the Ivies with their entrees to the heights. It seems very unfair of life to consistently require decisions before one knows what’s going to happen!

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