Yes, My College Has A Figure Skating Team

February 21, 2013 § Leave a comment

After reading Caitlin Kelly’s post on how to get more readers, I realize I talk about the Cal/UC Berkeley (they’re the same) Figure Skating Club as if everyone knows about it. Unless you know an individual skater who skates for their college, or you know someone who writes about collegiate skating, chances are great that you wouldn’t run into a collegiate figure skater on your collegiate campus.

Way to go, stupid. Jeez.

Way to go, stupid. Jeez.

Intercollegiate skating is the brainchild of USFSA, the United States governing body for figure skating. The body wants to ensure that people who finish high school still have an outlet to continue skating. Rather than allowing skaters to just quit after they get tired of all the competitions and training, intercollegiate skating provides a less stressful way to team up with former rivals and still compete against other skaters around the nation.

These stormtroopers dig the less stressful option. Don't get shot at, don't get force choked...

These troopers dig the less stressful option. Don’t get shot at, don’t get force choked…

UC Berkeley is doing well enough in the regional qualifying competitions in the West. One more decent showing at the Denver, Colorado competition in high altitude will guarantee them a spot in 2013 Intercollegiate Nationals. Before they can book their flights to Mordor, New Hampshire and simply stop Dartmouth Figure Skating from winning their 7th overall championship, UC Berkeley must make sure they keep pace with other front-runners like UC Los Angeles and Denver. UC Berkeley must also stay in front of smaller teams such as UC San Diego, New Mexico, Colorado State, University of Colorado Colorado Springs, and Colorado College.

Brian Wilson digs that.

Brian Wilson digs that.

How can the Berkeley Golden Bears do that?

Quite simple. They make their flight from one of the two major airports in the San Francisco Bay Area, Oakland International or San Francisco International and fly non-stop to Denver International Airport. Unless teams are flying or driving into Denver on Friday, teams going into Denver Saturday will have little time to waste. Due to a scheduling conflict at Joy Burns Arena, Denver had to schedule all short programs, intermediate to senior ladies and junior men to the South Suburban Ice Arena. This change forces some members of each team to go directly from the airport to another ice rink. If they are junior and senior skaters, they will have to wait until the end of Saturday night to perform their short programs.


Despite skaters in short programs getting less sleep than they’d like, everything goes back to normal on Sunday. All Sunday events happen back at Joy Burns Arena. Due to time constraints, ice dancers will only have to do the required dance, whereas normally, they’d have to do two ballroom dance patterns.

Ice dancers only have to skate to the third dance at their level.

Ice dancers only have to skate to the third dance at their level.

Anyone we’re saying goodbye to?

This will be the last undergraduate regional qualifier for 4th year junior skater Marissa Minovitz. Improving on last year’s 4th place finish at Nationals will be a proper send-off gift.

Her and her teammates, ready for battle.

Her and her teammates, ready for battle.

But seriously though, one doesn’t simply skate into Mordor

You’re totally right, I’m underestimating Dartmouth Figure Skating. Not only has Berkeley’s team gotten stronger, but Dartmouth and the other Eastern Conference teams such as Boston University and University of Delaware have gotten stronger as well. However, the team to beat at Intercollegiate Nationals is 6-time champion Dartmouth, the University of California Los Angeles men’s basketball or University of North Carolina women’s soccer of figure skating. They exude a vibe of confidence that they’ll dominate just about every single competition they sign up for. When you take a shot at the king, you best not miss.


Don’t miss.

Cal Figure Skating balls so hard in their own right. If they take care of business in Denver, the fourth best team in the nation in 2012 has much to say about why they deserve to be on the podium. They finally have the number of skaters, the ice dancers, and the male skaters to do so. Go Bears.



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