What Can Powder Blue Do For You?

March 4, 2013 § Leave a comment

2013 will mark the first year that a University of California, other than its flagship Berkeley campus, is making an appearance at Intercollegiate Nationals. If it weren’t for the meddling Berkeley skaters, University of California, Los Angeles would have been at Nationals a year earlier.

Not this year! Ha ha ha!

Not this year, New Mexico! Ha ha ha!

Results after Regionals

Place: 9 points, Third (lost tiebreaker for second place to Berkeley, won tiebreaker for third place)

  • Golden Bear Skate: 2nd place
  • Tiger Challenge: 4th place
  • Pioneer Open: 3rd place

If super skaters Emily Chan and 2009 Philippines ladies champ Mericien Venzon did not qualify for Nationals, who will lead the UCLA cheers in Hanover, New Hampshire?

Time to get your game faces on.

Time to get your game faces on.

Projected Nationals Roster

  • Senior ladies Coral Chou
  • Junior men’s Joey Millet
  • Junior men’s Evan Bender
  • Senior ladies/ice dancer Amanda Sunyoto
  • Therese Vesagas
  • Alejandra Acosta
  • Senior ladies/ice dancer Maddison Bullock
  • Novice ladies/ice dancer Sarah Palaich
  • High team maneuvers: JoeyEvanAmandaMaddison

It’s going to be Maddison, Amanda, and Coral doing the senior ladies short, with Coral probably joining Cal’s Michelle Hong doing the regular free skate, while Maddison and Amanda trying for the extra two points in the championship free skate against their friends Sravani and Laney. Between that, Amanda takes on her younger brother Sean in the senior ice dance event. How comfortable are you two with the Killian? Spokane (Spokane, WA) FSC’s Joey and Peninsula (San Jose, CA) FSC’s Evan say hello to Skating Club of New York’s Matej in the junior men’s short and championship free skate. Maddison has the novice European Waltz and Sarah joining Gina DeNatale doing the juvenile dance Cha Cha.

Not sure what role(s) Therese and Alejandra will play but they’ve learned from their mistakes made in October in Golden Bear Skate. UCLA won’t put a team in intermediate team maneuvers and in the event they do, they won’t put a junior or senior skater on there.

You know, because they disqualify your intermediate team if you do that.

You know, because they disqualify your intermediate team if you do that.

Stray Observations

  • If Maddison Bullock does participate in Intercollegiate Nationals, it’s not quite the homecoming she’s looking for. Before it shifted to green pastures of Hanover, Nationals was held in Colorado Springs, a short distance away from home for the Colorado native. Those meddling Golden Bears.
  • Dartmouth (green) and Delaware (blue) have strong grips on two berths to Nationals, with Boston University (red/white) trying to fend off Sacred Heart U (red/white) and NYU (purple). Four teams have emerged for three spots: University of Michigan (maize and blue), University of Miami (Ohio) (red/white), University of Wisconsin-Madison (cardinal/white), and the Adrian College (black and gold). Out West, you have the Denver Pioneers (crimson/gold) and UC Berkeley Golden Bears (Yale blue/California gold). Yet in an Intercollegiate Nationals first, UCLA will be the first college to sport powder blue.
  • The Bruins look like they have a decent recruiting pipeline to continue getting skaters. Skaters from St. Moritz (Oakland/Dublin), Peninsula (San Jose), All Year (Carson City), Los Angeles (Artesia), Spokane (Spokane), and San Francisco Figure Skating Clubs may choose UCLA as their destination school and help get UCLA Figure Skating to the next level.
  • What would UCLA star freshman/basketball player Shabazz Muhammad do?
Shabazz would follow his dreams.

Shabazz would follow his dreams.



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