Eastern Conference, Nationals Preview

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It’s time to talk a tad more about 2013 Intercollegiate Nationals. The same three teams from 2012 will represent the Eastern colleges at 2013 Intercollegiate Nationals: Dartmouth CollegeUniversity of Delaware, and Boston University.

Cry it out, Sacred Heart University.

Good job, good effort, Sacred Heart University. There, there.

USFSA needs to use both of its tiebreakers to determine that Dartmouth is first after two regional competitions, beating out Delaware. Both won one regional competition, requiring USFSA to see who got more points in the two competitions combined. Dartmouth beats Delaware by a grand total of two points.

I’m terrible at math and reciting things. You might just want to check the standings yourself to get some reassurance. Let’s project some rosters (not really accurate because I don’t know any of the new skaters) and elaborate on some observations. Below are the nitty, gritty rosters of who the California Golden Bears Figure Skating Team will be facing, but you probably just want the stray observations gift-wrapped. If scrolling down gives you Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, click here.

University of Dartmouth

Place at 2012 Intercollegiate Nationals: 1st (130 points)

Place after 2013 Regionals: 9 points (227 overall skater points), 1st

  • Liberty University Intercollegiate Competition: 1st place (110 points)
  • University of Delaware Intercollegiate Competition: 2nd place (117 points)


  • Pre-juvenile ladies Isabel Hines
  • Novice men’s Joseph Miller
  • Senior ladies/preliminary dance Iris Yu
  • Junior/novice dance Kelsey Anspach
  • Preliminary ladies Kristen Nehls
  • Jing Jiao
  • Junior ladies/senior dance Kirsten Seagers
  • Junior ladies/intermediate dance Caroline Knoop
  • Senior ladies Maria Sperduto
  • Senior ladies Katie Bates
  • Juvenile ladies/preliminary dance Chrissy Bettencourt
  • Senior ladies Cali Digre
  • Preliminary ladies Dawn Finzi
  • Juvenile ladies Elana Folbe
  • Intermediate ladies Sarah Gertler
  • Senior ladies/novice/intermediate dance/grad student Pinar Gurel
  • Novice ladies/grad student Anna Hatch
  • Preliminary ladies Renata Hegyi
  • Intermediate ladies/senior dance Bianca Jackson
  • Preliminary dance Susanna Kalaris
  • Juvenile ladies Emily Kong
  • Senior ladies Melissa Li
  • Pre-juvenile ladies Jenny Liu
  • Senior ladies Christine Mozer
  • Novice ladies Anita Naik
  • Junior ladies Samantha Oh
  • Senior ladies Victoria Rackohn
  • Pre-juvenile ladies Erin Tomalonis
  • Senior ladies Esther Wu
  • Senior ladies Julia Zaskorski
"Wow!" is correct.

“Wow!” is correct.

University of Delaware

Place at 2012 Intercollegiate Nationals: 2nd (97 points)

Place after 2013 Regionals: 9 points (225 overall skater points), 2nd

  • Liberty University Intercollegiate Competition: 2nd place (100 points)
  • University of Delaware Intercollegiate Competition: 1st place (125 points)


  • Senior ladies Dana Sivak
  • Senior ladies Melinda Wang
  • Senior ladies/senior dance Julianne DiMura
  • Junior ladies Allanah Barbour
  • Junior ladies Christie Kievit
  • Junior men’s Jonathan Jerothe
  • Novice ladies Brittany Sullivan
  • Intermediate ladies Clara Sherman
  • Pre-juvenile men’s Shaun and Bryan Schaeffer
  • Senior dance Lindsay Cohen
  • Junior dance Megan Marschall
  • Junior dance Jana Raisner
  • Novice dance Noelle Tuttle
Dartmouth, you're in the way. Frowny face.

Dartmouth, you’re in the way. Frowny face.

Boston University

Place at 2012 Intercollegiate Nationals: 3rd (80 points)

Place after 2013 Regionals: 6 points, 3rd

  • Liberty University Intercollegiate Competition: 3rd place
  • University of Delaware Intercollegiate Competition: 3rd place


  • Senior ladies Alex Volpicelli
  • Senior ladies Katharine Huntley-Bachers
  • Senior men’s Schuyler Eldridge
  • Junior ladies Gabrielle Lucivero
  • Junior ladies Tesssa Riccio
  • Junior men’s/Nationals competitor James Morgan
  • Novice ladies Olivia Wyrick
  • Novice ladies Devon Forest
  • Novice ladies Abigail Dutke
  • Intermediate ladies Livana Koznesoff
  • Intermediate ladies/senior dance Elizabeth Gibbons
  • Juvenile ladies Danielle Eble
  • Juvenile ladies Marissa Spanos
  • Pre-juvenile Rosalie Jiang
  • Preliminary ladies Menolly Wlater
  • Preliminary men’s/senior dance Andrew Korda
  • Preliminary men’s Hayman Chan
  • Senior dance Sarah Heerboth
  • Junior dance Olivia Donovan
  • Juvenile dance Krista Rochussen

Oh good, all teams have arrived.

Oh good, all teams have arrived.

Stray Observations

  • Do Male Figure Skaters Wear Tights? A fair amount of traffic for this site occurs when web surfers around the world look for “bulges”, pictures of bulging muscle mass or bulging pelvises. Sorry, no dirty material here. Meanwhile, competitions still don’t allow men to wear tights. Whatever outfits the men have to change into, I’m sure the competitions chairs will cordon off a locker room for men only so the ladies don’t see any male breasts. For the sanctity of figure skating! Think of the children!
  • More Men, More… Points? The addition of UCLA’s Joey Millet and Evan Bender and Golden Bear Matej Silecky will increase the number of points awarded to the junior men’s events. James Morgan, Jon Jerothe, and Joseph Miller can’t wait.  As for Golden Bear and senior skater Sean Sunyoto, he’ll provide Schuyler Eldridge some company in the senior men’s events. Each senior men’s championship participant will guarantee their teams at least four points in the free skate and two points in the short program. Booyakasha.
  • Sunyotos Know They Can Dance, Nationals Edition: Do-or-die showdown between Amanda and Sean in their dance events. Who blinks first? Who starts off the event on the wrong beat?
  • Well-Roundedness: Nope, I’m not calling anyone fat. Each of the East representatives have well-rounded rosters, making it imperative that the Golden Bears execute in all the events they’re in. Earn points.
Keeping the Golden Bears off the podium may be too tough.

Like eating tacos, keeping the Bears off the podium may be too tough.

  • I Can Digg It: After five Nationals appearances and two Intercollegiate Nationals appearances, gritty, veteran skater Laney Diggs still digs being the heart and soul of the Cal Figure Skating team. The best senior skater out west, along with sophomore Sravani Kondapavulur go to Mordor and face off against Dartmouth’s Maria Sperduto, Dartmouth’s Pinar Gurel, University of Delaware’s Dana Sivak and two-time Taiwanese figure skating champion Melinda Wang.
  • Alumnus Love: Joe Flacco goes whacko for his alma mater. He wishes Coach Joel McKeever and the Blue Hens luck.
Thanks, Mr. Flacco!

Thanks, Mr. Flacco! Hey, where’s Mr. Ellerbe?

  • Frowny Face: Last undergraduate competition for junior skater Marissa Minovitz. She and Gina DeNatale look to stop Dartmouth’s Caroline Knoop from winning all the junior events.
  • Championship on Repeat: With a triple axel, solid flying combo spins, and Teressa Vellrath covering the nitty gritty of the serpentine step, Cal Figure Skating is looking at another repeat as high team maneuver champions.
  • By Way of San Antonio: Coach Dani Schraner will be at Intercollegiate Nationals to enforce curfews and photobomb more championships pictures for Skating Magazine.
  • Complainers Gonna Complain: I heard Cal Figure Skating has some surprises they’re bringing to Mordor, New Hampshire. Oh, you don’t like surprises?
Thanks, Obama.

Thanks, Obama.



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