Midwestern Conference, Nationals Preview

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Last mention of 2013 Intercollegiate Nationals for a bit. The Honey Badgers find themselves in fourth place and their spots at the season finale swiped. Instead, the Midwestern representatives in Hanover, New Hampshire will be Michigan Wolverines, Miami (Ohio) Redbirdsand in a March Madness upset, Adrian College Bulldogs.

Catch your breath, University of Wisconsin.

Catch your breath, University of Wisconsin.

USFSA needs only one of its tiebreakers this time. After three competitions, Adrian College and Miami University finished tied for first place with 11 team points overall. Because Adrian College won the last two competitions and Miami only won the first one, USFSA awards first place to the Bulldogs and second place to the school that Ben Roethlisberger went to.

Again, I’m terrible at math and reciting things. You might just want to get some reassurance by checking the standings yourself . Let’s project some rosters (not really accurate because I don’t know any of the Adrian College skaters) and elaborate on some observations. Below are the nitty, gritty rosters of the Midwest teams the Golden Bears will be facing, but you probably just want the stray observations. If you’re lazy, click here.

Yo, Adrian College

Place at 2012 Intercollegiate Nationals: Did not qualify last year

Place after 2013 Regionals: 11 points , 1st

  • Bronco Challenge: 5th place
  • Hoosier Challenge: 1st place
  • Maize and Blue Matchup: 1st place


  • Senior ladies Well, this is awkward
  • Junior ladies/novice dance I don’t know any Adrian College figure skaters
  • Preliminary men’s Very well, then
Way to go, dude who sucks with names.

Way to go, dude who sucks with names. Jeez.

University of Miami (Ohio)

Place at 2012 Intercollegiate Nationals: 8th (14 points)

Place after 2013 Regionals: 11 points , 2nd

  • Bronco Challenge: 1st place
  • Hoosier Challenge: 3rd place
  • Maize and Blue Matchup: 3rd place


  • Senior ladies Alyx McCartney
  • Senior ladies Elena Rodrigues
  • Senior ladies Brandee Conklin
  • Junior ladies Kara Oksenen
  • Novice ladies/juvenile dance Torri Huebner
  • Novice ladies Anna Tyrik
  • Intermediate ladies Michelle Sawaya
  • Intermediate ladies/senior dance Amy Mullen
  • Intermediate ladies Emily Taylor
  • Intermediate ladies Grace Gormley
  • Intermediate ladies Gabriella Uli
  • Juvenile ladies/novice dance Alyssa Skijus
  • Juvenile ladies Kellye Sutherland
  • Juvenile ladies Danielle Wardeiner
  • Preliminary ladies Maria Song
  • Senior dance Bianca Burbank
  • Junior dance Julia Kaesberg
  • Novice dance/intermediate dance Matthew Witt
Still mad at me?

Still mad at me?

University of Michigan

Place at 2012 Intercollegiate Nationals: 7th (16 points)

Place after 2013 Regionals: 10 points, 3rd

  • Bronco Challenge: 2nd place
  • Hoosier Challenge: 4th place
  • Maize and Blue Matchup: 2nd place


  • Senior ladies/senior dance Lauren Nieman
  • Senior ladies/senior dance Erica Miller
  • Senior ladies Lara Willmarth
  • Senior ladies/preliminary dance Megan Gueli
  • Junior ladies/senior dance Connie Achtenberg
  • Novice ladies/senior dance Kelsey Traul
  • Intermediate ladies/preliminary dance Merrick Jacob
Where's Adrian College anyway?

Where’s Adrian College anyway?

Stray Observations

  • Midwest reps will do their best to get somewhere in the top 4. Last year, University of Wisconsin-Madison came the closest to earning the Midwest a big, shiny trophy, finishing in 5th place.
  • Adrian College, a private, liberal arts college is located in Adrian, Michigan. 0.1 miles southwest of the college campus is Arrington Ice Arena, presumably where the team practices unless they make the one hour drive each way to Ann Arbor.
  • At the rate Adrian College is winning their regional competitions, I think they have the best shot of taking home one of those big, shiny trophies.
  • Miami (OH) has four (4!!!) synchronized figure skating teams, all of which receive funding from Miami (OH) Athletics. At the same time, I don’t know if their sole figure skating team receives any funding to lessen the out-of-pocket costs.
  • Michigan has a small team. Maybe they can convince Wolverines Meryl Davis, Alex Shibutani and Maia Shibutani to earn them some points.
  • I’m not going to be at 2013 Intercollegiate Nationals. Looks like I’ll have to wait until the June/July issue of Skating Magazine in order to have the results.
Better luck next year, Michigan State and Indiana University.

Better luck next year, Michigan State and Indiana University.



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