Things thefigureskatinglawyer gets asked often:

  • What does having a Tonya Harding-autographed knee brace have to do with the blog?

Nothing and everything. Her involvement in Nancy Kerrigan’s bruised knee has for better or worse propelled the sport of figure skating to what it is today.

  • What are the differences between a public and freestyle session?

Prices and the level of skills that skaters have.

  • What does the USFSA do?

Take good figure skaters and try to take them to the next level. They’re the ones responsible for picking which American skater goes to high-stakes competitions such as Four Continents, World Championships, and the Winter Olympics. ‘Murica!

  • Can you do a triple axel?

I can’t even do one axel. Axels are kinda like trying to make a baby run before it can crawl.

  • Does Southwest Allow Figure Skates To Be Carried On?

I believe so. I think I even wrote an article about it here.

  • Hey, you’re a guy. Can’t you just do pairs and lift girls and stuff?

Not really. Collegiate skating does not allow pairs skating or ice dancing. Even then, would the ladies trust me with their lives?

  • Skate guards or soakers?

Skate guards before your practice starts so you can walk in your skates without messing up the sharpness of the edges. After practice is over, soakers. Just trust me on this one, unless you’re really adamant about having rusty blades.

  • Planning to go to law school anytime soon?

Looking for work and then, I plan to work for a few years in the legal industry before I make a decision on law school.

  • Where’s Sochi?


  • When’s the Olympics?

Pretty damn soon.

  • Who are the American Winter Olympians to root for?

Meryl Davis/Charlie White. Ashley sWagner. Gracie Gold. Max Aaron. America.

§ 2 Responses to FAQ

  • Ellie says:

    Hello, I am doing a research project involving male figure skaters between the ages of 13-18. I am having trouble finding enough men in order to conduct my study. Do you know where I can recruit? This study involves a semi-structured 60 minute interview. I am still looking for about 10 skaters. Do you have any skaters in mind or any people I can contact to get skaters?

    Thank you!

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