Bay Area Sports: May 2013

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I can spot that frowny face from a mile away. You are sad that the 2012-2013 figure skating season is about to come to a close, and the Winter Olympics figure skating doesn’t happen for another eight months. You still have to turn that frown upside down. A few months after the San Francisco 49ers courteously declined to win the Super Bowl, the rest of the Bay Area professional sports teams are in their winning groove during their respective seasons.

We're relevant again? Pants off, dance off.

We’re relevant, eh? Pants off, dance off.


The San Jose Sharks are currently in the National Hockey League playoffs, nursing a one-game lead over the Vancouver Canucks in their seven-game 1st round series. The toepick-less hockey skating brethren play the second game of the series in Vancouver before the teams fly back to San Jose. Best-case scenario, my favorite violent ice dancers figure out how to navigate around playoff choking hazards and raise the Stanley Cup.

What is a toepick? It’s the “teeth” of the figure skater’s blade, allowing them to not only jump, but potentially do damage to innocent bystanders’ faces in the event that the skater falls.

Patrick Marleau, eh?

Patrick Marleau, eh?


The San Francisco Giants are 16-12, losing a few games they probably should’ve won in April (thanks, Tim Flannery, thanks, Tim Lincecum, thanks Matt Cain). Gerald Demps Buster Posey, the $167 million man followed up his 14-game .214 start with a ten-game hitting streak, which raised his batting average to .291 before going hitless on 5/1 in Arizona. Brandon Belt, he of poor body language and giraffe-like awkwardness, has become a late-inning, pinch-hitting savant and a better hitter as of late, following up his robust 6-for-43 start of the season with timely hits and clutch defense only an awkward giraffe can provide. Pablo Emilio Sandoval is in the best shape of his life.

UAL1806, the only plane strong enough to handle the weight of a championship team, left Phoenix and arrived in San Francisco International in the wee hours of May 2nd. The Giants will prepare for their nine-game homestand against the Dodgers, Phillies, and Braves.

Over in the East Bay, the Oakland Athletics are keeping pace with the Giants at 16-13. The bottom of Josh Reddick’s face occasionally sees daylight.

Pablo Sandoval is slim, eh?

Pablo Sandoval is slim, eh?


Skeptics would probably attribute Golden State’s series win over Denver to things Denver did not do, not things Golden State did. By the powers vested in Stephen Curry’s ankles though, the Golden State Warriors are headed to the second round of the NBA playoffs since 2007, when Baron Davis did dirty things to the 2nd seed Dallas Mavericks and promptly stopped against the Utah Jazz. The Warriors say goodbye to the Denver Nuggets and head to San Antonio. There, the Warriors begin their series with the Spurs at the AT&T Center, where any notion of Golden State fun goes to die.

David Lee tore his other hip flexor tendon when he administered countless rounds of high fives during the Warriors’ Game 6 win over the Nuggets. Coach Mark Jackson is mum about his status. Meanwhile, 3-point specialist Draymond Green did quite well in his first playoff series. I hope Kent Bazemore got a tad more creative with his cheerleading celebrations at the bench over yonder.

But Steph Curry's ankles, eh?

But Steph Curry’s ankles, eh?

American Football

Coach Jim Harbaugh knows that nobody could possibly have it better than us, except for maybe Trent Baalke. The general manager of the team is responsible for drafting playmakers in the 2013 draft, players that will keep the 49ers in position to contend for a championship for awhile. Giving no shot to any other NFC team to compete for a Super Bowl win? Disgustingly selfish of the San Francisco 49ers.

Marcus Lattimore, eh?

Marcus Lattimore, eh?

thefigureskatinglawyer, eh?

Visiting University of California, Hastings Law

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It’s ideal if you go to a graduate school that also has an undergraduate campus. That way, you can join a collegiate figure skating team that can recruit skaters from a wider portion of the student body. Otherwise, you’re left looking for figure skating teammates at your graduate school if you want to field a strong team. How does a competition between UC Hastings’ figure skating lawyers, University of Pacific’s figure skating dentists, and UC San Francisco’s figure skating doctors sound? Do they even have mascots?

Yeah... no.

Yeah… no.

You want to check out UC Hastings. Maybe it’s the ideal school. Maybe it’s the fallback school in case Yale, Harvard, NYU, and Columbia say no. Maybe you have no idea why you want to go to law school and you just want to visit a law school in your area. Maybe you need to know for sure that this isn’t Berkeley’s law school. The reasoning works for me.

Hey Yale, Columbia, NYU, I applied. Did I get in?

Hey Yale, Columbia, NYU, I applied. Did I get in?

How Do I Get There?

Mary Kay Kane and David E. Snodgrass Halls, the two buildings that make up the UC Hastings campus are located in the Tenderloin, one of the more gritty, dangerous neighborhoods of San Francisco. Chances are, you may have heard someone reference the illicit activities that go on in the Tenderloin, kinda like the occasional UC Berkeley students clueless about Oakland, California. Just be aware of your surroundings (listen to your MP3 player later) and if you ride public transportation, catch the necessary transfer trains. Here’s some directions to follow along:

  • BART: Coming from the East Bay, catch a Millbrae/SFO train or if you get on a Fremont train, transfer at MacArthur Station. Get off at Civic Center Station. Coming from Millbrae, any train will take you directly through San Francisco. But still, get off at Civic Center Station. In any event, exit Civic Center Station  from the UN Plaza exitwhich puts you closer to your destination. Walk through the plaza to Larkin Street and make your way up to 198 McAllister.
  • MUNI: F-Wharves above ground light rail and J, K, L, M, N, S, and T underground light rail vehicles will take you from various neighborhoods to downtown San Francisco. Get off at Civic Center Station and go to the UN Plaza exit.
  • Car101-North or I-80 South towards Civic Center/9th Street freeway exit. Take Larkin Street up to McAllister. Street parking is limited but there’s a parking structure on the corner of Larkin and Golden Gate Streets.
Make sure you don't leave valuables in the car.

Make sure you don’t leave valuables in the car.

In case you want to RSVP your place in a guided tour at UC Hastings, feel free to email the admissions office at Otherwise, you enter in 198 McAllister Street, sign your name on the visitor’s log at the front desk, receive a visitor’s pass from the security guard, go up a floor to 275A and check in at the admissions office. The 2nd floor of Kane Hall is a maze but you can either stick it out and look for the room or… you know, ask someone in the hallways or cafeterias.

They generally ask you to show up ten minutes before the start of the tour, noon on Tuesdays and Fridays and 3:40 pm on Wednesdays during the academic year. If you get to the admissions office pretty early, grab some Philz Coffee on Van Ness between Turk and Eddy. If you’re hungry, grab some chicken pho at Turtle Tower further up on Larkin or order some beignets and other sweet/savory treats at Brenda’s Soul Food off of Polk and Eddy. Try not to be late though.

Class visits are offered. Admissions would appreciate it if you give them at least a week’s notice from when you plan on visiting a specific class from this list. Priority is given to those recently admitted to the JD program but there’s likely enough room for visitors and/or their parents. Spring semester tours and class visits are offered until April 12th, 2013.

Ugh, schedule, y u no cooperate!?

Ugh, schedule, y u no cooperate!?

Highlights & Stray Observations

  • Two students and their respective parent(s) accompanied me during the tour. Shree, currently a junior in college and her parents from the East Bay. Megan, six years removed from graduating from VCU and her dad are from Virginia.
  • Your tour guide may or may not be at UC Hastings due to the LEOP program, a progressive admissions program detailed here. Admissions will still dedicate 20% of the incoming class to LEOP students, despite Chancellor and Dean Frank Wu’s mandate to accept less students. Thanks for the tour, Brandon Collins.
  • LEOP students spend a little more time than the non-LEOP peers in their graduating class go through instruction and Saturday study sessions.
  • Visitor’s pass is necessary to entering 200 McAllister/Snodgrass Hall. Don’t be that person whose too cool for a visitor’s pass.
  • UC Hastings recently partnered with UC San Francisco to create a joint JD/MSL program, which intersects law, science, and health policy.
  • Their moot court teams do pretty damn well at competitions. They consistently make out rounds, if not win tournaments outright. If you had debate experience in your high school or undergraduate career, nerd the flock out about Hastings’ rich culture of making moot court dreams come true.


  • Three LexisNexis printer/copiers by the library in Kane Hall are the only ones that print for free. The rest print out documents at 10 cents/page.
  • There a big library with all your studying and production assignment needs. Whether you want to study in a noise-free room or a louder room, the library’s got you covered. When you’re on the tour though, students will notice a disturbance in the force. They smirk and laugh inside about how you’re going to experience law school insanity soon, then go back to studying.
  • Unlike George Washington Law, the library is open to the public during business hours. GW Law doesn’t let you in if you don’t have GW Law ID.
  • Unlike George Washington Law, lockers provided by are centrally located in the basement of Snodgrass Hall. It’s a little dingy but located not too far from the lockers is a small police station manned by SFPD.
  • The bookstore is moving from its original location to somewhere to be determined. Books are being bought online, leaving moot court materials the only thing needed to be sold at the bookstore (maybe).
  • The business center takes care of your printing needs, whether you need a lot of documents or business cards. Don’t forget to ask your tour guide for a business card.
  • SFPD can and will walk you a short distance to either your apartment, car, or public transportation in the gritty, frothing Tenderloin of San Francisco.
By the wrath of Kenny Loggins, stop mentioning anyone's frothing loins!

By the wrath of Kenny Loggins, stop mentioning anyone’s frothing loins!

  • Most of the classrooms look the same, except for the seminar rooms with roundtables.
  • The tour takes you a little further down McAllister in order to visit housing offered to Hastings students. McAllister Tower, known to many as “The Tower.” The gym at The Tower is open to all students, whether or not you live at The Tower.
  • The 23rd floor holds all of the staff offices for every Hastings journal. They also give away free copies of the previous published issue.
  • 24th floor of The Tower is known as the Skylight Room, where you get an amazing 360 degree view of SOMA, Embarcadero, China Basin, AT&T Park, and most of the northeast corner of San Francisco.



Merry Christmas, From Me to You

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Whether or not you celebrate Christmas or Boxing Day, most restaurants will probably be closed on 12/25.

Cold-blooded, man.

Cold-blooded, man.

However, I wish you the best of luck when holiday skating alone or with others. I wish you the best of luck in finding something to eat if you do eat out.  I hope you’re busy handing out holiday gifts, not busy still shopping for them. I hope you’re helping those in times of need, although I hope your generosity shows up on more days than one. Whether or not you’re counting calories on a daily basis, say hello to the grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins and just tear the holiday food up.

May come in handy when you tear up the bathroom as well.

May be handy when you also tear up the bathroom.

New Year’s resolutions? You mean the ones you end up breaking and forgetting about sometime before the year ends? Congratulations to you if you don’t break your resolutions, but set some goals and set a deadline to meet those goals. Write them out and place them somewhere that you’ll see everyday so these goals become ingrained in your mind and your routine. Maybe it will spur you to follow through on your goals with a concerted effort, or maybe not.

Enjoy a fun, safe last week of 2012. It was unexpected as hell… but it’s here.

Enjoy the last bits of 2012 and ride the San Francisco MUNI cable car for free on 12/31 after 8:00 PM if you don’t have anything to do.


UC Hastings: Legal Education Opportunity Program (LEOP)

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University of California, Hastings College of Law, located in the gritty, veteran heart of San Francisco.

Nope, it is not University of California, Berkeley’s law school (that’s what Boalt Hall or University of California, Berkeley School of Law is for). Kinda like how University of California, San Francisco is not the medical school of UC Berkeley either. If you have faced significant adversity in your journey towards realizing your passion for law school and the law, then LEOP (as well as their program website) may help you address such issues that may not be fully recognized by numeric indicators such as grade point averages and LSAT scores.

Created in 1969, LEOP  makes a top-tier legal education accessible to those who come from significantly adverse backgrounds. According to the site, the types of adversity may range from but are not limited to economic or educational, expectations of achievement to geographic/cultural and linguistic spanning multiple generations, disability or exposure to bias.

Making up a fifth of each entering class, LEOP students are taking the same courses as the rest of their peers but also include an academic support program that spans the entire duration of their stay at Hastings. The academic support program includes:

  • Small, weekly study groups
  • Saturday practice exams
  • Academic workshops
  • Programs for 2nd and 3rd year LEOP students
  • Supplemental bar review course

The nine questions of the supplemental application are provided here. In addition to the supplemental application, it’s encouraged that LEOP applicants write a second personal statement that identifies and describes challenges and their impacts on academics, and also how the applicants overcome such challenges.

Have any questions about LEOP? Don’t hesitate to e-mail in order to get more details than what you see from the two sites. From one prospective applicant to another, best of luck on all stages of law school applications.


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