Full-time student and aspiring paralegal. Full-time skater aspiring to make things happen.

BREAKING NEWS: We made Nationals.

BREAKING NEWS: We made Nationals.

I hope I can teach you a thing or two about skating or the legal industry.

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  • neonspndx says:

    Interesting concept! Are you new to the sport?

    • thefigureskatinglawyer says:

      Relatively new. I learned to skate before high school but never really picked up anything beyond skating forwards/backwards, the basics for a spiral and a waltz jump. I went to the skating club’s fundraiser at the rink in the fall and decided I wouldn’t mind getting back into it. I also decided right there to just go and compete during my senior year because it’d force me to learn how to skate and not slack off.

      I’m trying to improve on skating and hopefully skate while I’m in law school. I may even join a team if there is one already but if not, I may think about starting one up.

      Do you skate often?

      • neonspndx says:

        It’s so great to hear someone finding the passion to skate. Figure skating was my life for about 22 years. I’ve taken a break over the past few years (post college) but am planning on getting back into it. Good luck on all of your skating (and law school) adventures!!

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